This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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Loan Back Office Director
Deputy Head of Division
Global Head of Financing Operations
Head of Org/IT Group Corporates
Head of Derivatives Operations
Head of Securities & Wealth Operations


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Christian MAHRBECK Head of Derivatives Operations

How to focus on operational efficiency in Regulatory Tsunami

Many years with EMIR and MiFID implementations and a lot of deadlines in 2017 (start 2018) has put pressure on Operations and Back Office to deliver a fast pace. How do you cope with the regulatory requirements and ensure to have operational excellence.

  • Regulatory changes affecting Back Office
  • Making sure to build the most optimal solutions
  • Scale
  • Outsourcing vs. in-house solutions
  • Change management processes
Jan RYSLINKLoan Back Office Director

Simplifications in Loan Back Office

Back office is facing strong push to decrease FTE, while maintaining excellent SLA, absorbing new activities and serving more growing business volumes. This presentation shows how to survive in this challenging arena.

  • How to stop/manage new requests coming from risk & business
  • How to eliminate redundant activities
  • How to automate low value added activities
  • How to challenge other stakeholders within organization
Björn WELANDERHead of Securities & Wealth Operations

Robotics Alive

Robotics Process Automation is an emerging technology that introduces amazing opportunities in terms of quality improvement, risk reduction and process efficiency, however it also comes with new types of challenges. In this talk we will share learnings made on our Robotics journey and how we tackled some of the obstacles we encountered on the way. Also sharing some reflections on how to reach the next level of process efficiency together with our new generation of co-workers…the Robots!

  • How do you tackle Robotics implementation challenges?
  • Benefits of Robotics compared to traditional IT development
  • What can you expect to achieve with Robotics…realistically?
Davor GASPARACHead of Org/IT Group Corporates
Erste Group IT

You want to be “Digital“? Start transforming your corporate culture

There are numerous examples through the history of warfare and sports when outnumbered and technically inferior teams beat the odds and claimed the victory over the favorites. Digital arena is no different.

“Digital” is not technology. It’s corporate culture and way of doing business. Some industries realized it years and decades before banks did – so, why don’t we learn from them?

  • “Digital” is not technology – it is way of doing business (“a fool with a tool is still a fool”).
  • Key ingredients of “digital” culture – what Banks can learn from “masters of transformation” in other industries?
  • Practical examples: what happens if you do digital with traditional mindset?