13th Annual Operational and Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit

27 – 28 April 2022 | Vienna

The Back Office is moving to the front seat. It is time to recognize its value as one of the strategic drivers of companies’ performance. Open banking, customer centricity, employee experience boost or technology inefficiencies have only accelerated its pace as well as enhanced its incorporation into the core strategies.

The 13th Annual Operational and Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit is a business meeting that brings up all the current issues regarding digital transformation, customer experience, regulatory requirements, AI&ML, workforce optimisation and much more. Experienced leaders from the top banking companies will showcase real case studies and provide you with valuable insights on a wide range of topics.

We are bringing you many benefits such as limited seats, the opportunity to discuss with senior level decision makers and share your ideas and most importantly establish important networking contacts.

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Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Is shifting the Back office to the centre office way to be more resilient?
  • Automation beyond simple Back office automation: How to transform Back office into an innovation hub?
  • Regulatory Requirements in the Back office
  • From AI & ML to Intelligent Back Office
  • Deployment of customer experience in the operations field
  • Next move towards speed, quality and agility
  • Boosting workforce optimisation. Why should companies prioritise it?
  • What does the future hold for Back office services?



Head of Securities & Investments Ops


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence vs. People and Human Competence. What is the Future of Operations?

Our world and consequently our processes are being automated in an ever-increasing pace. On top of that we have started using artificial intelligence to replace the remaining human decisions made in the processes. Therefore, it is fair to ask what role will Operations play in the financial industry in an automated world. SEB’s transformation points the direction of the future of Operations, if there is even one …

What is the future of Operations?
How can we handle the ever-increasing automation pace?
What competence do we need in the future?


Head Global Collateral Management


Operationalization of Regulatory Requirements in the Back Office

The Financial Market domain has been heavily impacted by Regulatory Requirements in the last years, majority of them have had unprecedented implications in the Back office, hence the transformation of Operational teams and organizations has been fundamental in order to keep up with the new standards that regulatory bodies have established. The operationalization of regulations is a topic that requires high attention from Senior Management as well as a more professional, creative, agile and confident Back office.

• New Regulatory environment within the Collateral Management Function
• The transformation of the Collateral management processes for Financial Markets
• Transformation of the Back office and Operations in order to meet Regulatory Requirements

Jakob Aarup PETERSEN



How Could Customers Decide on Operational Excellence?

We are continuously creating process analysis, digitalisation and simplification, but sometimes we need to have the right structure and mindset to create “the full picture”. Creating the right solutions for the customers requires the right balance between organisational mind-set and automation tools. It is key to put the right human competencies into play transforming Operations from a “internal execution focus” to a “Customer Centrix knowledge centre. This presentation will focus on how the organisation needs to interlink difference process elements and purposes in the right architecture.

• Customer Centricity
• Operational Excellence
• Process Architecture
• Agile Leadership


Head of Compliance


Fraud Prevention in the Scoring Process

Innovative methods that the OTP Bank plans to introduce in order to filter out fraudulent customers during the credit rating will be presented. In this context, we describe innovative applications which can be helpful at scoring clients and challenges in the field of clients’ personal data affecting the decision making of the Bank.

• About the OTP Bank
• The importance of fraud prevention
• Regulatory requirements
• Applications used in scoring process
• Privacy challenges

Przemyslaw LEWICKI

Head of Operational Digital Transformation Tribe


How to Accelerate Back Office Innovation by Taking RPA to the Next Level and Integrating it with AI?

What is the role of Robotics and Cognitive Robotics in the Back Office of the future and how RPA can accelerate the implementation of automation, including AI/ML models. How to effectively use RPA and AI technologies in the VUCA world. I will share ING Bank Slaski's unique experience in robotization and integration of robotics with AI backed by over 2,000 deployed robots.

• Previous vs. current role of RPA in the Back Office
• Surprising yet common myths about robotization which cause companies to lose money. How to effectively implement robots in production in 3 weeks instead of 3 months or longer.
• Pandemic, KYC: New challenges or maybe new normal? How to adapt?
• Back office synergy with IT. Who is responsible for what? Will Agile solve all the problems?
• How to quickly, efficiently and agilely build and implement cognitive robots and AI/ML models?

Valuable and beneficiary. I liked best about this conference the variety of topics along digitalisation from different speaker.

– Head of Wealth Management Operations Europe, Deutsche Bank

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