12th Annual Operational & Back Office
Excellence in Banking Summit

28 - 29 April 2021 | Vienna / Online

During the coronavirus pandemic, regulators and financial institutions are steering through uncharted waters. The lockdown to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 has stopped economic activity across many sectors. Banks have to re-adjust operations, however the crisis will accelerate trends towards digitalisation.


The 12th Annual Operational and Back Office Excellence in Banking Summit will give you an opportunity to listen to the industry leaders and experts and to learn the best operational strategies and practices. Do not miss the chance to hear about how banks are handling the pandemic situation or how they managed to retain both the back office efficiency and add to their scalability during this period. Through case-study presentations and panel discussions our expert speakers will discuss RPA and AI in operations, back office transformation, agile methodologies, lean back office strategy, operational excellence and the impact on customer experience or how to adapt your back office strategy to comply with the latest regulatory requirements. Join us at this successful business event and hear from senior-level decision-makers about the best digital transformation approaches which enhance back office and operations in their companies.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • COVID-19: How banks have responded to the pandemic and implications for the future?
  • Current challenges in banking operations
  • Leveraging RPA technologies and operations transformation
  • Agile methodologies & lean back office strategy
  • Operational excellence and the impact on customer experience
  • A strategic approach to cost efficiency in back office processes


Eduardo Lazaro HERMOSILLA

Head of Global Operations Discipline


BBVA Operations Transformation Journey

BBVA operations transformation strategy is being implemented through different programmes across BBVA footprint. We will share the vision and operational transformation main workstreams, as well as incoming challenges (including post-COVID-19 issues)

• Principles for operations factories
• Operations transformation programme
• Challenges and next steps


Vice President, Portfolio and Performance Management


Accelerating Digital Transformation at Scale

RBC has been quite successful in being able to keep up with changes in the market. While “transformation” has been around for a while, the accelerating pace of technological change is more creative and destructive in the financial services ecosystem today than ever before. Driving transformation in a large organisation with the size and scale of RBC’s has been a challenging and rewarding task. As an organisation, they have invested more than $20B in technology over the past five years to make sure they stay ahead of the curve and over time, they have been able to develop a muscle internally that can quickly adapt to change. They have taken a unique approach to transforming their culture, the technology investments they have made and how they serve clients.

• An overview of digital transformation in the financial services industry
• Introduce RBC and the impact it has on the global marketplace
• RBC’s digital transformation journey
• How did they do it?
• Culture, investments in technology and how they serve clients
• Demonstrate how they are enabling innovation for the future of banking


Head of Back Office


What Did COVID-19 Teach Us in NAM Operations in 2020?

The pandemic hit the Nordics in February 2020, with lock downs, uncertainty and remote working. The speaker will try to outline the learnings from this period and reflect on how they managed to retain both the back office efficiency and add to their scalability during this period.

• Business continuity planning: COVID-19 operational resilience
• Flexibility and transparency in leadership
• Employee engagement and how to "lean in"


Lead Consultant


STRIVE for Perfection in Service Delivery

Danske Bank has developed continuous improvement into a way of management. The effort has been pivotal in delivering on strategic operations ambitions. The presentation tells the story of how customer delivery and continuous improvement is improved. It is all about striving for perfection. It is about managers who strive every day to improve delivery to customers, strive to improve processes and strive to develop people.

• What is the purpose and results?
• What is the STRIVE model? Operating rhythm, management capabilities and needed infrastructure
• How to learn and implement? Coaching at all management levels and go to gemba to learn
• How to sustain and further develop behaviour and performance? Accountability and use of regular assessments


Head of Derivatives and Collateral, Wealth & Market Operations

Head of Derivatives and Collateral, Wealth & Market Operations

Nykredit Wealth Management

Exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of presentations – various backgrounds from presenters and participants

Operations Group Leader, Senior Product Owner at Commerzbank

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